Saeta Yield increased dividend payment by 69% in 2016, reaching 59 million euros (0.727 euros per share)

The Saeta Yield Board of Directors, chaired by José Luis Martínez Dalmau, approved the 2016 accounts today as well as the next quarterly dividend payment on 7 March, for the total of 0.188 euros per share, which in implicit annual terms amounts to 0.753 euros per share, vs. 0.727 euros paid in 2016. Consequently, the company boosts its sustainable and growing dividends policy and leads the Spanish stock exchange in terms of dividend profitability, above 9% annually. In 2016, Saeta Yield increased its dividend payment by 69%, with a total disbursement of 59 million euros. Takings grew by 27% up to 280 million euros, EBITDA grew by 28% up to 199 million euros, and the net profit by 87%, up to 30 million euros.

“Our 2016 results approved today by the Board of Directors” – José Luis Martínez Dalmau stated – “shows the positive management of our renewable energy assets and a successful business model, and allows us to offer distinctive remuneration for shareholders in a sustainable and growing manner”.

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