Sustainability is a Core Value of Saeta Yield, and seeks the improvement of the Society through the development of the activity of the Company.

Saeta Yield promotes the economic and social development of the places where it operates, so it assesses the impacts of its activity on its surroundings. Its operations contribute to protect the environment and to fight against climate change. The renewable nature of its assets brings about a series of positive impacts on the environment, including a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

The Group has a Corporate Responsibility Policy that defines the operational commitments and strategy established by the Company on a voluntary basis with regard to all its stakeholders. The commitments contained in the policy refer to the following matters: value creation for the shareholder, health and safety, environment and climate change, talent management, social development, ethics and integrity, and relationships with regulators and administrators.

Corporate Responsibility is managed in a cross-sectional manner in the Group. Saeta Yield forms work teams comprising different executive units, which are in charge of developing the strategy and action plans necessary for meeting commitments arising from the Corporate Responsibility Policy.

Saeta Yield has an Integrated Management System that includes an environmental section containing the necessary operational procedures for minimising its impact on the environment. This internal management system is in the process of certification according to ISO 14001. These procedures not only guarantee compliance with Spanish and European legislation, which are among the strictest in the world, but they go beyond legal compliance, guaranteeing efficient use of resources and adequate management of the waste produced.

Additionally, Saeta Yield incorporates a series of processes of occupational health and safety that meet the needs of the Company, and that have been certified under the OSHAS 18001 standard. These matters are managed by the Occupational Risk Prevention (ORP) area, which is in charge of interacting with the contracted External Prevention Service and of managing prevention in group companies that do not have their own workers.

Health and safety risks are periodically identified and assessed at Saeta Yield. A series of prevention targets is fixed based on the identified risks, through which preventive, corrective and improvement actions are planned. These actions can be implemented and measured, they have assigned managers and time scales defined for their achievement, and their implementation is reviewed on an annual basis.






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